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Chinese Shen Yun show at Merriam Theatre (April 25-27)
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Act by Thursday Feb 28: Tickets to Hasty Pudding Theatricals
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Get Involved! — HRCP Member Interest Survey
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Upcoming Events
Tuesday, 2/10/15 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Amy Chua will discuss her new book, The Triple Package, and the three unlikely traits that explain the rise and fall of cultural groups in America, in a talk that could change the way you think about success.
Saturday, 1/31/15 at 7:00pm ...5 days away!
With four straight Ivy League championships, three consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament, and opening-round victories in the last two of those appearances, the Crimson play Penn at the Palestra on Jan. 31st. Come out and cheer our team to victory!
Wednesday, 2/4/15 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm ...9 days away!
Get out of the cold and stop by City Tap House's new location in Center City for our February inter-club happy hour!
Friday, 2/6/15 at 7:30am - 9:00am ...11 days away!
Join the HBS Club to hear Howard Brownstein, President of The Brownstein Corporation, discuss “When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies.” -- his collection of "war stories" about what can (and often does) go wrong in business.
Wednesday, 3/25/15 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Join the Wharton Alumni Club of Philadelphia to experience Calm Clarity and provide feedback to tailor it to the needs of professionals and executives. Calm Clarity is an innovative program designed to show you how the mind works . . .
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Recent Events
Sunday, 01/25/15 8:00pm
The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society invites Harvard University alumni to hear the Juilliard Quartet w/ Harvard grad Joe Lin (AB '00), first violinist and featuring Leon Fleisher, piano on Sunday, January 25th at the Kimmel Center's Perelman Theater.
Friday, 01/16/15 7:00pm
Come hear the Harvard Krokodiloes perform at the String Theory School on Friday, January 16th. The Krokodileos are Harvard's oldest and most prestigious a cappella singing group, perform popular music from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's.
Friday, 01/16/15 9:00am
Our destination is Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, NY which hosted 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Our private motor coach will make pick-ups in Philadelphia, Princeton, and Morristown.

Sustaining Members

Rebecca Anderson, AB '88
Maureen Austin, AB '83, MBA '92
Warren Ayres, AB '69, JD '74
Elisa Basnight, MPA '07
Joseph Blair, AB '74, MCP '76
David Borden, AB '85
David Chen, MAR '99, MAUD '99
John Chou, AB '78
Mia Chung-Yee, AB '86
Victoria Cirillo-Hyland, AB '84
Jeffry Duffy, JD '95
Wanda Felder, ALB '97, EMD '98
Emilie Feldman, AB ’04, MBA ’07, DBA '10
Lauren Hirshon, AB '03
William Hyland, AB '85
Harold Litt, AB '88, AM '88
Linda London, AB '55
Slade McLaughlin, PA '14, '17
Jenna McNeill, AB '95
Stephen Mullin, AB '77
Linda White Nunes, AB '84, MD '88, MPH '89
John Neff, AB '56
Frank Prezioso, AB '81
Janet Rich, AB '70, AM '73, MBA '78, PHD '80
Donald Rosato, MPH '63
Joel Rosenbloom, AB '57
Jennifer Ruger, PHD '98
John Ryan, MBA '59
Justin Shaw, AB '91, MBA '97
Marc Sonnenfeld, JD '71
James Sorensen, MBA '64
Timothy Stay, AB '01
Scott Wartel, AB '77
Mrs. Thomas Weary, AB '46, LB '50  

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